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The Pactrol Philosophy

All original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) take a serious interest in the overall package of functionality, cost and supply of their electronic-based appliance control systems.

Matching design to market

In fact, many require their own customized products to match a marketing strategy which includes, for example, a comparison of features, an enhancement to features, or a lower cost than competitor product.

Pactrol is ideally placed to act on these requirements, by first working with the customer to optimise their control specification, and then develop a cost-friendly control system specific to their needs which takes into account all the issues from function, application, Standards , 3rd party approvals , build/test efficiency, reliability, and overall product performance.

Design excellence

The many years of experience in this field has given Pactrol a significant lead in satisfying the most stringent customer requirements through the use of established technologies which are at the leading edge of design and manufacturing excellence - equipment designed to function and survive in the particular applications found in the heating industry, both domestic and commercial.