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36 J Gas Valve White Rodgers 36J combination gas control valve
Conform F Digital Full Sequence Fryer Control
CSi Range

The CSI advanced range of controls is designed to meet the exacting standards of all industrial users.

CSS2 Range

The CSS2 series is a range of burner controllers for gas appliances of any capacity for commercial applications.

Conform Range Control platforms for the total managent of domestic condensing boilers in Europe
P25F Range A family of full sequence controls certified to EN298 :2012
P16 Fully proven Full Sequence controls.
Please note: Some versions of the P16 Range are now obsolete. Please contact our Sales department for availability.
CFR Pactrol CFR Gas burner control
CSS Full Sequence control in IP40 enclosure with integral spark generator
CSA Full Sequence control in IP40 enclosure
(No longer manufactured)
CSM Semi- Automatic Industrial gas control
(No longer Manufactured

Weather Watcher

Installation Guide

Heating controller with outdoor sensor

Weather Watcher

User Guide

Heating controller for Commercial premises
WHB2 Water Heater Boost Timer
UV UV Flame Detector
Micro 7 + Water Heating programmer installation data -
No longer manufactured.
We recommend the Horstmann Electronic 7 the nearest replacement.