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One of the most productive methods of working, developed over many years with some customers, is the building of total trust between Pactrol and its OEM customer.

Open development of ideas

In practice, this means Pactrol openly sharing and developing its ideas with the customer, from the earliest stages of their projects. Long before the specification is consolidated, Pactrol prefers to get together with its client to discuss and formulate ideas, openly revealing each others needs and desires with regard to the outcome, including the constraints in terms of time and money.

A clear view of possibilities

The prizes for developing this relationship are extremely valuable to both Parties. The Customer can see the transparent workings of Pactrol and thereby gains from our extensive experience whilst enjoying a clear understanding of what is possible within the agreed parameters.
Meanwhile Pactrol is given the opportunity to develop a long-term relationship which makes future projects even easier as Pactrol grows to understand the client's underlying objectives.

Lasting business relationships

'Partnership' in an over-used word in our industry, but Pactrol has been involved in many long and lasting business relationships over many years. As a result we are always looking for new OEM's to bring into the Pactrol family of satisfied long term customers.