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Benefits to an OEM of using Pactrol

There are many benefits to engaging in business with Pactrol for an OEM.
Here is a summary:

  1. We will fully understand your application and control needs, based on 40+ years of experience in the heating industry.
  2. Though able to integrate all your functional control needs, Pactrol has market leading abilities in the area of fail-safe design, so that you can be confident in the reliability of our designs.
  3. We also have the ability to adapt existing designs to your requirements. This gives you a customized product with shorter lead times. Our building block approach means we have a full range of off the shelf reliable solutions which can be combined into a bespoke pcb for each project.
  4. You can have confidence that the final product will fully match your expectations, while meeting all relevant Directives and Standards, including EMC requirements appropriate to your Appliance.
  5. Our goal of providing Customers with value-for-money products and services will ensure that your control package will remain reliable and safe, at the best value offering to you over the life-time of the product.
  6. Pactrol's long-term commitment to Customers will ensure that we will continue to support and improve your product, throughout its market life. This service is provided by our Customer Service Department which has full diagnostic, reporting and correction action capabilities.