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Pactrol's flexibility in structure and attitude enables us to fit in to the unique operational approach of an OEM in the development of special control systems at many levels and in many ways.

However, we do follow some fundamental rules:-

  1. We always keep our conversations and product development issues totally confidential to each OEM. In fact, without this total assurance regarding customer secrets, Pactrol could not have succeeded as it has over the last 40 years.
  2. Pactrol's other major priority is to listen very hard to OEMs, giving due consideration to the customer's input, before making any firm proposals.
    This proves vital to getting the very best solution for each individual customer.
  3. The third and final rule is that the customer is always right, and that no amount of technology or effort can be valued unless our final products and services delight the customer, and that the customer should remain satisfied with our support throughout the market life of the product.

Without this total commitment to customer care, Pactrol does not expect to enjoy future business from existing or new customers.

Beyond these simple but essential rules our approach to customers is very flexible.

Companies often choose Pactrol because they want a complete solution, including:- application engineering; product design and proving; 3rd party approvals; field trials; product launch; manufacture and test; flexible delivery; after sales support; and a process of continuous improvement throughout the life of the product.